June and raining

Friday, 18 June 2010 at 18:36
I just checked and I've not updated this blog for ages, oops... I have been so busy with 101 things; guitar making  
mostly but other stuff too. Been to a wedding in London with a fantastic reception on a cruse up the Thames, very cool stuff! Now I got to try and think of something to put on here, ummm hmm.. .
  Saw a funny film the other night, Mary and Max. It's an old fashioned stop-motion animation, excellently done. I never usually like any kind of animated film but this one is damn funny and a really cool story. If you are bored and fancy something pretty refreshing I'd recommend :]

Here are a few pics :
The boat interior :

My partner and her two boys on ones 18th birthday

And I roped Kathy into helping with the guitar! She is busy here soldering some pot's for me :)


Cupboard Love! buy me a Guinness ! :-)

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