Ways to earn money on line

Sunday, 3 October 2010 at 01:05
Well this is the ongoing topic of so many blogs, thought I'd give my take.
 I've been trying to make some money via the web for about 2 years now. I use or have used survey sites, adsense, traffic referal sites, ptc,  independent ad companies, social networks and ebay.
 So far I've not made enough money even to replace my mouse =/
 So what am I doing wrong? I dunno, I guess I haven't tried everything out there yet (there are still article writing sites and others to explore). But the thing that gets me is that it is possible to earn some decent money on  line but there are so many scams and opps that pay less than 1p an hour that it's almost impossible to find the legit ones. Ah well :)
Any tips would be cool :)


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  2. Hmmm... it's not easy to make money online. If you want to earn a little more from your blog, here's three quick (easy to implement) suggestions:

    1 - review your sidebar. Get rid of anything that doesn't earn or bring in visitors.

    2 - move Adsense, CMF and PW above the fold. Switch PW to auto-approve and reduce your price on CMF.

    3 - it doesn't look like you have many visitors from Google. Use post titles you think people will search for and comment on blogs that have CommentLuv installed.

    Alternatively start a webshop or sell a service online. You'll get a much better return for the effort you put in. :-)

  3. Keith Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions John. I'll take at look at those things, and have a tidy up :-)

  4. plin Says:

    I agree with John that the best way is probably to have Google bring traffic to your blog.

    In terms of Adsense, I found that it is best to create blog that have higher value keywords. (Adwords allow you to get a sense how much keywords are worth). Base on that pick specific niche topics to write about where a click will generate you a couple dollars instead of a couple cents.

  5. Keith Says:

    Thanks also Plin :)

  6. david Says:

    i THink the best way to turn on the benefit of your blog is turn it to a store. and this is a legit one ^^

  7. sansan Says:

    wew....hahaha very funny indeed...i even never approved by the adsense so how am i earn money.

  8. Terry Says:

    I don't spam people. I came across your site through linkreferral but I can't review it as I've used up my reviews for the day. So I put you as a favorite. Back to spam--here's what I'm doing for money. It's open to you people (haha) that don't live here in the US also. Really truly I'm not a car salesman! Terry


  9. Anonymous Says:

    try Odesk.com, i've tried it and well, have earn not that much but I got my pay.. may sister have been there for a year now, she earn every month enough to buy milk for her baby.. try it..

  10. avatarlady Says:

    try freelance.. get into writing stuffs if you have time for stringing words together, or why not domain naming?

  11. Gina Alfani Says:

    A couple of years ago, I made a very comfortable living on eBay until the changes started happening in the economy.

    I believe that selling merchandise or services online is the way to go, but it is finding the thing that people are willing to spend their extra money on. I sold jewelry, which is a luxury that most people can't afford now. The secret is finding that niche . . . which is what I'm trying to find.

    In the meantime, I love to write and like you, making an attempt to monetize my blogs.

    Don't give up!!! That is my best advise :-)


  12. Been there and struggling to make decent money on line.

  13. Adel Says:

    Making money online is really a struggle, I am not a marketer but I afford to buy a new car even if it is installment, my advice to you is master a skill may it be in graphics or article and then go to odesk or elance.com they are hiring a lot of freelancers there, odesk is where I get money to buy my mazda 3, no joke, my biggest earning is 2100 dollars a month it is pretty decent because before I only earn 250 dollars a month, just give it a try nothing to lose

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  15. Androw Says:

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