Starting a fund

Wednesday, 10 February 2010 at 04:12

Ok a little experiment. I am for the best part always skint. That is I virtually never have any spare cash past about 5-10 pounds. Its always accounted for. Buying something new or going out is a 2 months+ planning and saving exercise. Its not like I dont eat or anything, theres no real sob story. Its just I never do anything ! Cant afford it :/ So after reading a few things around the web I'll give this a go and ask on the internets to help!
 I plan to raise as much as possible from donations from around the world to *do something I could never otherwise afford (TM)*, the nature of which will be decided by the amount raised. I will then of course write up the event on this blog :] 
So, there we go, line cast into the generosity of people out there and fingers crossed.
 You can also give me suggestions about what to do if you like. I have never for instance travelled, left England  or well done much really ;p Other than some gardening and going to the pub. 
  So if you can help I will forever be grateful :-) 
(you can use the paypal donate thing at the bottom of the blog
ty ty ty =)


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