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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 at 02:41
So I was flicking through this woman's magazine, like you do when there is absolutely nothing else to read and saw this story about a woman who has a life long love for a London bus. She has  a collection of little model buses and related things and visits the London transport museum once a week to visit her, um, lover. I'm thinking the whole time that this is surely a wind up, but no. Its completely for real... 
Made me think a couple of things; First that this magazine was exploiting a woman with a severe mental illness, and second 
WTF ? ? ? ? ? ?

And I thought that after a good amount of years sifting through random things on the internet that nothing could surprise me. I was wrong !

 Sooo, what's the strangest thing you have fallen in love with? 
I'd honestly be really interested to find out :-)



  1. lestat01 Says:

    WTF indeed...

  2. Scolex Says:
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  3. Scolex Says:
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  4. "like you do when there is absolutely nothing else to read"

    Yeah right, we believe you. Women's magazines are full of this type of junk (from what I've heard!).

  5. Keith Says:

    @dailyphotogallery : was waiting for someone to say this :p

    @scolex : Sure i'll come by take a look at your blog :] Dunno about money making tips tho really, I dont make much from this blog. In fact ive never had a payout yet (£11 in adsense after about a year!) No one seems to click, which is the real earner as far as i know, until you can gain many thousands of visits a day.

  6. @BELLA@ Says:

    I haven't loved anything for long enough as I love myself so I can't really answer that question. lol! but this person who falls in love with London bus.. hm.. seriously? pity her :D

  7. Kathy Says:

    If you where a bus I'd love you :-) Jolly glad you're not though :-)

  8. ~SHANNON~ Says:

    I found you through Friday Follow, and I'm your newest shiny follower!

    I hope you will come over to my blog and follow too! :)


  9. apples Says:

    Courtney Thorne-Smith from Ally McBeal. I was around 13 and it's weird cuz I'm pretty sure I'm straight.. :D

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