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Friday, 5 March 2010 at 12:57

Pretty cool how this fast switching image fools the brain into giving depth!
I wonder if this effect could be used in a film? Prolly give you a king kong sized headache tho^^


  1. FreakSmack Says:

    That looks pretty cool, I think it would give you a major headache if you stared at it for very long though.

  2. I looked at it for a minute and my eyes felt like they were moving like that. Yea King Kong Size headache for sure.

  3. @BELLA@ Says:

    This is pretty cool but the fast movements make me slightly dizzy. I guess that's why whenever I watch 3D movies I'll get slightly dizzy too.. But I wanna learn how to do this! :)

  4. Neat effect. Have you tried anything like this yourself? I made a 3D anaglyph last week (red/blue glasses) and I might give this effect a try too.

  5. Keith Says:

    I've not tried anything like this before, but I would guess that it's just two pictures taken from slightly different angles switching a couple of times a second. Would need a gif builder prog to give it go ! As for the red/blue 3d effect, how did you manage that? Software or?

  6. Sarah Says:

    That's a very interesting effect (coupled with what could most definitely be called a very striking image).

  7. David Tamayo Says:

    This is cool. From movies to tv to even pics like this things are really changing. It is all really exciting. ;o)

  8. @Keith
    I took two pictures about 7cm apart (same distance as my eyes) and converged slightly. I then coloured each image in GIMP and merged them. Here's the result.

    There are a few things I can do better next time:

    1) Don't use the flash to prevent having two different shadows.

    2) Converge on something in the foreground instead of the background.

    3) Separate the shots by more than 7cm to enhance the effect.

    Although it's not perfect it was fun to try and I'd recommend giving it a go :-)

  9. wiggle 'stereogram'! nice 3d effect =)

  10. Keith Says:

    That's pretty impressive for a home made stereogram :-)

  11. Hello from Ukraine !

    Good image, It remind me of a couple of years back when I tried downloading from Internet Jurassic Park movie and watching on my PC, all was good for first 40 minutes, then, something happened, and it became as your foto, and I could do nothing with it.

    I liked looking your Blog, interesting foto's you find.


    Marina Demchuck.

    Rivne - Ukraine.

  12. Keith Says:

    Thank you !
    I had a read of your blog too, true things you are saying there :]

  13. Mike Golch Says:


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