Two quick funnies...

Thursday, 11 March 2010 at 15:23

This has been floating around the net a whiles but still makes me grin when it crops up, maybe you've not seen it ?


  1. fetus Says:

    knock first demit! hahaha

  2. 3sna Says:

    hahaha... thinking like the cat having a "good time" there...

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  3. @BELLA@ Says:

    Oh gosh, died 5 days and nobody knew about it? How sad.. I like the cat! :D

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Well, I guess one of the benefits of not being out in the working world (and having a few people at home who might notice) is that I could never get away with being dead at my desk for five days. Poor guy.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dead at his desk for 5 days and no one noticed? Makes me wonder if I can pretend to be dead at my desk and folks would leave me alone...

  6. *josie* Says:

    feel sad for the old man.
    hey cat closed the door if you gonna "do something".

  7. OMG Laughed my ass off, that picture is crazy funny

  8. Gary Gibbs Says:

    Sweet...very good!

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