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Monday, 22 March 2010 at 03:16
Cupboard Creatures is over a year old now and I discovered I've got no back links! 

Here is an offer; If anyone wants to exchange text links with this blog then comment on this post after linking to me and i'll do the same for you in my blogroll thingamy. Obviously no porn, terriorists, yawn-a-minute money making sites etc will go on but anything else really :]

Oh, except Abba blogs.... I can't stand Abba ! >.<



  1. @BELLA@ Says:

    Hi there.. I have added u in my International Blogroll at my website ENVEEUS.COM. Hope to have my website address is ur blogroll!

  2. Keith Says:

    @Bella, done and Thank You ! :-)

  3. Hi Keith. I have added you to my blog list. I see I am listed on yours. Thanks!

  4. sandy Says:

    That picture makes me cringe. Why do people mutilate their bodies like that? I really don't get it. It can't be comfortable, it's not attractive.


  5. I just want to say OUCH! After seeing this picture!

  6. lot 2 learn Says:

    I gave you a link on my blogroll

    Have a great one !

  7. Keith Says:

    @Sandy, Bluecrystaldude : Yeah looks painful ! It takes all sorts I guess but you wouldn't get me having anything like that done, damn I fainted when I was a teenager and had one ear pierced...
    I chose the pic as at the very least it is eye catching ^^

    @Lot 2 learn : Done! Thank you :]

  8. bingkee Says:

    The photo makes me this for real...but it's an interesting pic. Sure you can add me up in ur blogroll. Thanks.

  9. Darn it!

    I was trying to build links to my sweet Abba blog... sigh.

  10. Hi I am one of your followers, I will put your blog on my favorite websites, here is mine


  11. Keith Says:

    @bingkee Done :] Thank you ! dont forget to add me to yours :)

    @self defence blog There are worse bands than Abba, like, um, er, well. .. yea *grin*

    @Laura Done :] Thank you!

  12. josie Says:

    followed you and will add to my blogroll:
    here's my sites

  13. C Says:

    omg!!!!! is that an actual that hiding inside of one of your cupboards??? One of your creatures??????

  14. juliet Says:

    wow, nice pictures...don't forget to add me also...thanks in advance

  15. Scot Says:

    Blog rolled you. Check out my new blog on getting backlinks.

  16. Great backlink photo.

  17. Keith Says:

    @Josie, Juliet and Scott : Done, thanks ! :-)

    @C I do have some unusual things in my cupboard but this girl isn't one of them ;)

  18. Momsy Katsy Says:

    new follower and added you to my blogroll :)

  19. Franko Says:

    Hello pal, I have your link on my blogroll mine is

  20. Keith Says:

    @momsy katsy Your profile is private so I can't find a url to add for you. Post your site and i'll add it soon as I see it :)

    @Franko Done, thanks :]

  21. This back link is serious. Is it for real or a trick?
    I'm linking to your blog and I'd like you to link back to me too. My site is
    Keep it up.

  22. Keith Says:

    @Felix linked to you also, thanks my blogroll is down on the right sidebar :] And the pic? Its not shopped as far as I know, there are stranger things than this lurking in the internet cupboard...

  23. _el@i_ Says:

    added you already!

  24. Hi Keith,
    I put your link on my favorite Authors page. I just created it so when you visit take a look.

  25. Keith Says:

    @ Elai and Glenna, added you both, thank you ! :)

  26. lestat01 Says:

    Don't know if that freaks me out or turns me on...
    Still I added your link at

  27. Keith Says:

    @Lestat01 done ty :]

  28. created a link in my post as a backlink to you. I like your site cool pics.

  29. Keith Says:

    @ guerillagrowfare Added yours, thanks :]

  30. UsedCars1K Says:

    oh no

  31. hi dear just wanna say ouh it's too pain


  33. whyimright Says:

    Added your link to my blog :)

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