This dog isn't getting a walkies from this kid any time soon

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 at 19:56
 Bad bad dog! rofl! :)

I have no idea what is up with the dogs ears, any explanation would be appreciated!


  1. Sabra Says:

    Man! ROFL is right! Poor kid, though.

  2. Sjeltur Says:

    If you look at the tail - you can see it has been "cut".... probably they did the same with the ears....

    This is something totally forbidden in my country (Holland); as it is seen as abusing an animal.
    (and I do think that is correct; why can't the poor dog keep his tail and ears....??)

    But yeah; it is a funny video !!

  3. Cashmere Says:

    OUCH!!!! The kid should try it back on the person who was joking around with the dog.. lol! :)

  4. Poor kid, this is one of those times that I am glad I am not a guy, what is up with the ears of the dog, don't understand


  5. Dropzone Says:

    They clip the tail to a certain length and trim the ears thinner then the ears may stay wrapped longer to ensure they stand up straight, at least that's what a friend had done.


    Revenge - using the laser with Kitty (the one with the sharp claws).

  6. @BELLA@ Says:

    trim the tail and ears for what? health reasons or just man's crazy idea that it's nicer? the kid should plan for a better revenge.. Dropzone's idea is pretty good... :)

  7. lira Says:

    soo funny!

  8. Dorothy L Says:

    OUCH...whoever volunteered for that is a bit messed up....jeepers...I even felt that and I am not a guy~

    ~Have an Egg-ceptional and Eggs-traordinary Easter~

  9. Michelle Says:

    What was he thinking? Gosh that's a little scary!

  10. carmz Says:

    hahaha! so funny.. LOL!

  11. LOL, that's what they get for clipping the dogs ears.


  12. Mom Says:

    It is common practice for certain breeds to have their ears and tails "docked" to reach a certain shape. Dobermans are one of these breeds. they are not born with short tails and short pointed ears. This is a cosmetic procedure that is performed. I do not believe there is any health reason for the procedure.

    As for the laser, whomever was holding the laser should be the one to get the beating. It's not the dog's fault.

  13. Blog Tactic Says:

    extremely funny

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