Harlow man meets Nature!

Thursday, 27 August 2009 at 22:34
 I've been over my allotment quite a lot over the last few days. We've had clear warm weather here and I got a fair bit done. Its been hard work though, digging and tending the veggies that are left.(digging the clay there has given me  chicken-thighs! lol) I'm sort of planning to get the whole area dug over before next spring and plant much more than I got round to this year. Its a nice plan and I'm sticking with it ;) Doesn't help much that everyone else on the site seem to have a small nations budget at their disposal for their plots, and there's me with my trusty wonky-handled spade in a sea of B&Q Billionaires ! Seriously, one of the guys on a nearby plot has solar panels on his shed powering a CCTV system monitoring his courgettes.(Try not to lol. Thankyou !:P)  I'm not jealous, or knocking him, I'm not sure I wouldn't do the same if I had the cash,  but I do feel a little like a cave man over there at times...
  Prolly why I like it ;)


  1. Buggys Says:

    Too funny! What are courgettes?

  2. Keith Says:

    theyre baby marrows, like fairly tasteless cucumbers ;)

  3. Dorothy L Says:

    LOL...cute post and the photo is very fitting.
    Life can be like that...we find ourselves digging harder to get even fewer feet ahead while others seem to just sail away with no worries.

    Just know that you are so not alone.


  4. Keith Says:

    Thanks Dorothy =)

  5. Dorothy L Says:

    You are very welcome. It is a good feeling to not feel alone in any situation :)

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