The reason for Cupboard Creatures

Friday, 7 August 2009 at 22:34

So im 37 going on 16 and I spend a large amount of my free time at the computer.
Cupboard Creatures is Cupboard Creatures because I once had a cupboard under the stairs with my PC in it, at which time I was unemployed, and I basically lived in that cupboard. I emerged from said Cupboard after about 3 years with nothing to show for it (other than 5 level 70 world of warcraft characters, a beer belly and a divorce^^.I dont regret the WoW time ;p) Since then I've upgraded the wife and tried to sort-out-mah-shit in a worldly sense.
But even though my wife and son are wonderful and I love them loads and am so much happier leading life with them the way things are now, there's a little bit of my heart still in that Cupboard, grinding another char to 70 or reading forums all day sipping cheap lager then singing along to windows media player ;) Im a big kid at heart, always have been :)


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