My beginning

Monday, 10 August 2009 at 21:18




It all started in February 1972 when I joined the queue of hapless human beings in existence. I emerged screaming from my mother's womb in a place called Harlow Newtown, England (the screaming wasn't so much being born but realising "I live in HARLOW! Ahhggaa!").

My Mum was a housewife and my Dad at that time was a gardener. All very normal post-war newtown stuff. Our house was next to woodland and allotments and there were parks and fields all nearby too. I grew up not being sure if I was a town kid lucky to live in a leafy suburb or a country bumpkin who happened to have the convenience of a nearby cinema Was all cool though by merit of the biggest complaint I have from the ages under around 14 was that we never had enough cake in the house. I of course realise now that there will never be enough cake in the house ...


Pics of Harlow





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