Serious Pigeon is serious

Sunday, 30 August 2009 at 23:49
I went to London with the wife and son yesterday, took in a few places. Mainly went to take my son to the transport museum again (He is a bus/train fan).  Also I fancied going up on the London eye with him. That was until I saw the price. They want £27 pounds a person for a go on that big wheel! Well they ain't getting anything near that from me. Pfff I say it was overpriced at £7 a go. Anyways we had fun.
Best pic I came back with was this Very serious looking Pigeon who eyed up our chips in the Liverpool st station Macdonalds.

   The other pics didn't escape my photoshop placing, along with a couple of some plums and damsons we got from the allotment for more jam making earlier.
 (Before anyone says, my wife is carrying the fruit cos I was carrying our son and some tools! Honest, I was! :-) ) 


  1. ishi Says:

    HAPPY are YOU..still nice to see you're getting on with things

  2. Theresa Says:

    Wow, 27 pounds for the London Eye!! I wonder how many people actually pay that. Even tourists have a point where they say "That is WAY too much".

  3. hector-virk Says:

    hahha, pigeon really looks doomed. nice picture.

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